Many of you know our faces from T.V. and Movies. Oat and I opened this restaurant on a piece of property that has been in my family for a long time. When we were very busy filming, we used to come to Pattaya and just sit on the cliff looking at the view and dreaming of building a restaurant here.

Last September, our dream came true. While we were planning Rimpa-Lapin, we wanted to bring fresh new Thai and fusion cuisine to our restaurant. Oat grew up in Cha-am and ate very fresh seafood since he was a little boy. Using natural ingredients, he and his family experimented in cooking dishes is many different ways. I grew up in Bangkok with a hotelier for a Dad who demanded the finest cuisine be served wherever he went, even at home. Needless to say, we went through many cooks! I was lucky enough to live part of my early life in Europe and my college days in Boston. This opened up my taste buds. While I enjoyed European and American cuisine, I found freshness and flavor lacking more often than not.

I began to experiment at home with ingredients that I could find in the local markets. From our early years, our lives prepared us for “fusion” cuisine. At Rimpa-Lapin, we strive to bring bold new flavors to some favorite Thai Dishes but also to introduce new eating experiences for the discerning diner. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients in all of our dishes and we do “serve the best view” on the coast!
-Linda Cross