On a recent trip to Paris, Oat and I were enjoying traditional French cuisine. Our minds raced forward to different ingredients we could add to these dishes and make them our own. We both grew up with “Fusion” cuisine long before anyone put a name to it and it continues to be our passion. Our menu will continue to change as tastes evolve, but we promise you the freshest ingredients and interesting combinations for your dining pleasure. The following dishes are our top favorites. We hope you’ll try them all if you haven’t already. - Linda and Oat

Our Top Sellers:

Stir-fried rock lobster with salted egg
Shrimps baked with cheese
Scallops in a cream sauce
Deep-fried Sea Bass with cashews, garlic and      vegetables in a spicy sweet and sour sauce
Shrimp and Crabmeat Appetizers
Rimpa Chicken/shrimp/fish or seafood stir-fried     with onions, butter and cream sauce
Filet of Garoupa stir-fried with black mushrooms
Stir-fried crab meat in yellow curry powder




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